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Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Delhi: TDP Member see Ramesh, who protest against the creation of Telangana State over the past four days, today fainted when he was good in the Rajya Sabha.

Ramesh fell at around 2: 50 pm while he was holding a poster in protest along with party colleague YS Chowdary.

While the discussion is in the company of Bill and speaking S P Singh Baghel (BSP).

Deputy Chairman of P J Kurien immediately adjourned the House for 10 minutes.

TDP-MP-IbnliveTDP Member see Ramesh collapsed in Parliament today. Image courtesy: Ibnlive

Members of the Treasury benches and the opposition parties rushed to help Ramesh.

Some members of sprinkle water on his face, while others tried to help him stand up.

When the House again, he was not present. Ramesh was into the well from the beginning of the day, protesting the Division of Andhra Pradesh.

Usually loud in his protest, he wore a piece of black cloth on his face today to express its objection to silently.

All together he held a poster reading "Save Andhra Pradesh."


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