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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

In an interview with the Rajasthan Royals ESPNCricinfo skipper Rahul Dravid of India and legend spoke of the days after the spot fixing scandal erupted, preventive mechanisms in place, the credibility of the game and whether administrators care enough to try and curb the menance.

On Monday released parts of the interview ESPNCricinfo. These quotes have focused on how important it was for administrators and sports.

"There are so many fans and so many people who deeply care about this game and it is because of these fans that we are, who we are, like cricket.

Administrators — are there because of the fans and cricket players run this game, to the credibility of the game, or a Board or even the Government for that matter, is important no matter what you do. If you are in public life is important. "

File photo of Rahul Dravid. ReutersFile Photo Of Rahul Dravid. Reuters

Today in an interview described Dravid not only sadness but also anger, he felt when the spot fixing scandal erupted.

"There is anger. As I said before, you go through the emotions, there is anger and you feel let down. Especially in India, in fact, not only in India, there are so many passionate fans of this game, who really love the game, you can read and hear about the sacrifices they make to be able to watch us play cricket matches, where, in different parts of the world, "Dravid told ESPNCricinfo. You are angry for them. You feel angry when things happen that you have let down the people you let down a real fan and you let down the people who actually care about this game and give you unconditional support, and this is where you feel a sense of anger. "

Dravid's comments come in the back drop of BCCI mysterious probe in matches and spot fixing allegations against some owners and two IPL teams, including Rajasthan Royals. The findings of the probe came criticism and the formation of the probe team was challenged in the High Court of Bombay. And now the BCCI filed an appeal to the Supreme Court.

Former captain of India also believes that the only way to stop the spot fixing or matches to the criminal offence. The anti-corruption unit of the ICC can only do so much. They train players "before" every tournament before each IPL, before every international series or at least once or twice a year.

But it still happens. And as we saw in Cycling and Lance Armstrong scandal, the only way to get people talking to people see that there are consequences for their actions.

"It will create fear for people ... the only people, cyclists were it was not terrible, not testers [Cycling] body, they were afraid of the police. Read all the articles, only guys, they feared was the police and going to jail. So the only way that people are going to get that fear is if they know the consequences of these actions and law that will come into play. It's got to be a criminal offence. "

You can read the interview Rahul Dravid at ESPNCricinfo here


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