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Monday, August 12, 2013

With three loses, two WINS from as many draws and Super Cup, Manchester United First Preseason under new grandfather David Moyes was a mixed bag at best. Many argue that the preseason tour is nothing more than a workout Club and commercial obligations. But United 2013 tour has been under scrutiny as fans around the world, including yours truly, wanted to see how the Club rates under the new regime. Here are five things we learned from the Manchester United prepare to defend the title this season.

Style game

Not much has changed in the Manchester United play under David Moyes. The boss has a similar formation of 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1, which depend heavily on the wing as Zaha provide width and put in a good cross into the box for the strikers and Valencia. One small difference that we saw last night in the Super Bowl as Moyes opted to leave on the left flank open to Evra bomb forward and act as a winger. This is very similar to what he did at Everton, with Leighton Baines. It's too early to guess if will be his signature tune, though, or if it was simply a strategy for last night.

Manchester United celebrate after winning the Community Shield. ReutersManchester United celebrate after winning the Super Bowl. Reuters

Weak midfield and the need for space

It's not only me, but all are concerned that the prohibition of 20-year-old Guillermo Varela, we still see a new Member is added to the squad. This is without a doubt the same squad that cruised to become Premier League champions last season, but the preseason gave us ample proof that there is a real need to plug a few gaps. Denying Michael Carrick there isn't one currently, which can be described as world class. Tom Cleverley well, Anderson has his days, Ryan Giggs can only play so many games and Shinji Kagawa has slowly calms down. Now compare this, for example, of Bayern Munich, which boasts the likes of Bastian Schweinsteiger, Mario Goce, Luis Gustavo, Thiago Alcántara and suddenly United looks weak.

It is not surprising then, that names like CESC Fabregas, Thiago Alcántara, Luka Modric, Marouane Fellaini, Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo was heavily involved with the Club in recent weeks. Signing one of them will not only connect a huge gap but also to allay growing fears in the hearts of supporters that after retirment Sir Alex Ferguson, United suddenly doesn't have the same kind of attraction for players.

Wayne Rooney Saga

Stoking the fear is the saga of Wayne Rooney and this one problem, Moyes could have done without. Rooney's strained relationship with Ferguson was damaged beyond repair when the wily Scot announced at Old Trafford faithful forward asked to leave the Club again. Since then this day printing has a field day theorizing what might be going on behind the doors of the Club and Jose Mourinho open positions that he only wants Rooney did not help matters either. Moyes, meanwhile, has field questions on ahead with his first official press conference.

There is an urgent need to solve the problem as quickly and as cleverly as possible, before it starts, has a detrimental impact on the productivity and morale of the team. If the striker wants to leave, the Club must find a suitable high-profile player to replace it until the close of the transfer window, and if he wants to stay, he should come out and declare their intentions.

Young people are themselves

On the plus side though, the Club's youth is Adnan Januzaj, Wilfred Zaha and Jesse Lingard — have been nothing short of a revelation. They impressed everyone with their zeal and energy and a lot of times when a push occurs, the tour helped the team to perform better. Januzaj is a true playmaker, a kind of Club looking for years and for his age (he is only 18 years old!) he is very calm and assured on the ball. His man-match performance during Rio Ferdinand review is clear proof of his ability. Lingard is doing well for the past two preseasons, and many feel that this is his year to make a mark in the first team. He may miss the Super Bowl, but he was the top scorer of the club tour around the world, and this is no small feat.

Although, Zaha was the one who won the hearts of everyone and Ferdinand comments after the match with Osaka in summary. "What most impressed me about Wilf his raw ability," he told the man he could take someone from a standing start. It is fast and direct, but what surprised me the most is how quickly he gets off his shots. I don't like to talk too much, too soon, but I think he is a fantastic talent. "

Moyes is a human right

Finally, one thing that is abundantly clear is Moyes the man for the job. He took on the daunting task of succeeding Ferguson in his stride and not concealed the fact that he is still getting the magnitude of this club. "There has to be an element of fear that comes with managing a club like Manchester United," he said during the tour team in Asia. "It keeps you working, it keeps you focused and helps you, you are not trying to take your eye off the ball".

Moyes the Club overhaul behind-the-scenes footage to make his mark and former players Club on his coaching staff and connect with his players. His approach is also not gone unnoticed and the players responded well. "The Manager is the practical training. He has a lot of Sir Alex in this sense, "Michael Carrick told United's official website. "David likes to be in the mix and that is good. It creates an intensity and everyone responded to this. There's a great atmosphere around the place.


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