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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bridgetown: West Indies Cricket legend Desmond Haynes compared the T20 stars Kieron Pollard with Mahendra Singh Dhoni, saying the former captaincy reminds him of India's World Cup-winning skipper.

Haynes feels Pollard reading games and calm in difficult situations similar to Dhoni. "I was one of the men who supported the idea of Pollard, as Barbados Captain trezubcy," said Hines, head coach trezubcy of Barbados, one of the six teams participating in the Caribbean League (CPL).

Desmond Haynes think Kieron Pollard is as calm under pressure as MS Dhoni. BCCIDesmond Haynes think Kieron Pollard is as calm under pressure as MS Dhoni. THE BCCI

"I've seen it before during my short stay with West cricket team and I always thought this was one guy who understands the game of cricket. Now that he's captain trezubcy of Barbados, and we work closely together, I got even more respect for him. Pollard reminds me a lot of Dhoni, "Hines was quoted as saying in the West media.

Pollard faced many protests following the appointment as Captain trezubcy of Barbados, Barbadian ahead as Dwayne Smith and Kirk Edwards.

"I know it's a great comparison, but I know what I'm talking about. He is a leader on and off the field and is a leading example for his team to follow. Haynes said his reading of the game and his composure in difficult situations reminds me of Dhoni, ".

With three wins in as many matches trezubcy close their semi-final berth in cementing the tournament and Haynes said he is very pleased with how his team handled Pollard.

"I looked at the way it handled bowlers and he was brilliant. I'm very happy with the team's leadership, Pollard, "Haynes said.


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