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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ahmedabad: Gujarat High Court today commuted won two convicted 2007 Chandni rape and murder, to life imprisonment.

The Division Bench of the High Court of Gujarat, led world Akil Qureshi and R P Dholaria today decided that the case was not appropriate, one fall into the category of "rare of the rare".

The Supreme Court commuted the death sentences awarded Mohan Hamir and Mahesh Chauhan alias Bhado Junagadh sessions Court in December 2011 the year to life imprisonment of 30 years and 20 years respectively.

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Besides sentencing Hamir and Mahesh to death for murder and rape her girlfriend Chandni, Junagadh sessions Court also imposed a fine of RS 25000 for the two accused.

In the 132-page order, the judge further sessions of G M Patel said it was "a rare of the rare" case, and if released, the accused would pose a danger to society.

The belief was challenged in the High Court, and at the same time, the Government of Gujarat have filed a petition for confirmation of their death sentence. Both these cases were heard by the High Court and removed from.

The incident occurred May 13, 2007 year when through Rajkot Vinjvadiya family left Ramjibhai DATAR mountains in Junagadh for pilgrimage with daughter Chandni (15) and her 18-year-old girlfriend.

On the way down from the Temple of Dattatreya two girls fell behind the other, the accused and his friend Mahesh Hamir Chauhan alias Bhado, who were both drunk, kidnapped them.

After Chandni resisted Hamir slit her throat with a knife and killed her. Later they raped Chandni girlfriend before they fled the scene.



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